South Orange County Rare Fruit Growers
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Should a club benefit members? Of course

This is South Orange County Chapter Of California Rare Fruit Growers. 

The Goal of This site is to: 

Promote the exchange of information to enhance fruit plant growth

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Please note, there is another Orange County CRFG chapter. Feel free to checkout and compare our content. Their website address is


What do you

  • Want to grow?
  • Did you know this plant can grow here?
  • Did you know what p[plant is incompatible with the other plants in your yard. .

Want to

  • Graft your plants with other varieties and amaze your friends.
  • Know how to maximize growth?
  • Know why your neighbor who planted a plant and it grows quickly, while your does not.

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  • What content do you want on this site?
  • Want to see pictures of what specific varieties of fruit looks like?
  • Plant / gardening Events you may be interested in that are local, but not organized by the club?

You have limited time Why waste time growing plant that

Do not produce properly in your area

Just because a plant can grow in your area does not mean it will produce fruit.


Do you

Fruit Plants

Want  to

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Maximize Growth

To Grow?

And Eliminate Waste?