Internet Gardening Sites

Societies and Organizations:

These are national organizations; you can usually navigate to a local or regional site from the home page.

. American Bonsai Society

. American Horticulture Society

. American Iris Society

. American Rose Society

. American Association of Botanica1 Gardens and Arboreta

. California Rare Fruit Growers

. Herb Society of America /

. International Bulb Society

. National Chrysanthemum Society

. Southern California Clematis Society

Horticulture Resources: Contain lots of information and links to other gardening treasures.

. Address list of 1,900 companies arranged by plant type

. Glasshouse Works specializing in rare and exotic plants

. List of Garden Catalogs and links to informational sites


. Ohio State University Fact Sheet Database

. Select Tree

. UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

. UC Integrated Pest Management

. UC Vegetable Information and Research Center

. Links to many gardening related subjects:

. Links & information on Fruits for Orange County

Other Sites of Interest

. UC Master Gardener TV Lecture Series

. Master List of Commercial Food Related sites, recipes and nutrition information:

. Food, nutrition and cooking information:

. The Garden Gate describes other web sites and links to them

. UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County WEB Site

. UC El Dorado Master Gardeners' Web Page

. Arizona Master Gardener's Manual

. Fruits of Warm Climates

Plant Information


UCR home page for Avocados

UCR varieties home page

Characteristics of Selected Avocado Varieties

General Information on Avocados


How to Grow a Banana Tree


Growing Raspberries and Blackberries

Growing Raspberries in Your Home Garden

Growing Raspberries

Raspberries for the Home Garden

Growing Blackberries in Your Home Garden

Growing small fruits ( blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.)




Bulb Society

University of Illinois Extension on Bulbs

Ohio State Master Gardener Manual


Citrus Varieties for Orange County

UCR Citrus

UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines

Recommended varieties


UC Guide to Healthy Lawns

Fertilizing Vegetable Garden Soils

Fertilizing Woody Ornamentals

Fertilizing the Organic Garden

Fertilizing Vegetables

Fertilizing Houseplants

Fertilizing Your Garden

Fertilizing Roses



How to Manage Pests

Planting Figs

Flowers Annual

General Information

Flowering Plants, Annual and Perennial

Growing Annual Flowers

Ohio State Master Gardeners' Manual

Google Guide to annual Flower sites

Flowers Perennial

Flowering Plants, Annual and Perennial

Ohio State University Extension Master Gardeners

Arizona Master Gardener's Manual

UCCE Master Gardeners

New Mexico MG manual etc/PDF Manual.htm

Texas A&M horticulture

Ohio State MG Manual


How to Manage Pests on Grapes

Internet IPM Resources on Grapes and Current

Integrated Pest Management


Washington IPM site

Arizona IPM site

How to Manage Pests


UC Guide

Olive trees

Fertilizing Links


How to Manage Pests

Pests of Agriculture, Floriculture, and Turf

Entomology and Pest Management

Pantry Pests

Pome Fruits

General Information on pome fruits


General Fruit and Pathology Links

Planting Trees

Tree Sources

Planting techniques for trees and shrubs

Tree Planting

Plant Nutrition

Identifying nutritional deficiencies in soil

Diagnosing Nutritional Deficiencies<

Plant Propagation

Overview of Asexual Reproduction

Master Gardener Ohio State



Texas A&M

Federal Info

Univ. Of Florida

Univ. Of Missouri

North Carolina State Univ.


General Information


Fertilizing Roses

Pruning Roses


Herbs and Spices

General Information

Stone Fruits

Stone Fruit Varieties for Milder Climates

General Information


Ohio State MG


UC tomato pests

Links to Tomato Diseases


Insects or Problems

Pruning tomatoes

Tropical & sub-tropical plants

CRFG Fruit Facts

UC Information


Master Gardeners of Ohio State on Vegetables

UC Articles on Vegetables

Common Vegetable Insect Pests

UC Vegetable Gardening


Watering, Weeds, Pests, & Diseases

The Easy Guide To Lawn Watering conservation/lawn_watering.htm