The Orange County Chapter is part of a larger organizaton. Our parent organization is the California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. Orange County Chapter is one of the nineteen chapters mainly located in California, with a chapter in Texas and one in Arizona.

As you know, CRFG is dedicated to growing fruits that are not normally grown in our areas. I like to think of it as extending the range of the trees, bringing the tropical to a subtropical area, and bringing the plants requiring high chill to an area of low chill. To accomplish this is the challenge that we all face, and there is minimal literature published addressing it.

CRFG, Inc. publishes "The Fruit Gardener" six times a year. It is recognized as an excellent source for this information. In addition to receiving The Fruit Gardener, there are many benefits to you as a member of the parent organization in addition to your membership in the Orange County chapter. To mention a few, CRFG, Inc maintains a list of experts for almost every fruit you could ever think of. These are individuals that have had extensive experience growing their particular fruit. As a member, you may contact these experts any time you have questions about your fruit trees. The seed bank is another benefit for members of CRFG, Inc. It is an opportunity to obtain seeds that are not readily available through commercial sources.

Those of you who are not already a member are invited to join the CRFG, Inc.

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