Now is the Time...


Use a dormant, ultra-fine oil spray now on all stone and pome fruit trees and then again on swollen buds before they begin to show color in the spring. If you've had trouble with peach leaf curl or brown rot on
nectarines or peaches, then your first spray application should include ime sulfur or Bordeaux, a copper containing fungicide. If you didn't get around to summer prune, then also shape and prune your fruit trees now.


December is the time to prune raspberries. In my climate niche "Rosanne" is the very best. Since I only want a fall crop I prune down to a couple of buds. Leave a one foot stem if you want two crops. You'll be able to buy these winners at next year's Green Scene. You cut out last years fruiting canes of your blackberries some time ago, I hope.


I have had my fill of scraping and opening mango seed husks and then planting the seeds. Have now run out of space to plant any more. But the good news is-there will be lots of mango seedlings for sale at the Green Scene. The "Thomson" and "Pina" are polyembryonic and come true from seed. I will also have a few dwarfing rootstock from my Ecuadorian mango

Black widow spiders (four of them) have caused a ban of grape importation
from the United States into New Zealand. The problem is being reviewed.