Now is the time
by Eunice Messner

I had my annual ton of E-Z Green delivered to my home (forty , 50 # bags at $3.00 each = $120). The owner and distributor, Lyle Pohl, was telling me he is not sure how much longer he can stay in business. The
economy in San Diego County has been severely effected because of the fruit quarantine due to the Med fly infestation and the huge loss of crops from the recent winds. Also many chickens have had to be destroyed
because of Newcastle disease. Lyle does have a huge stockpile since many growers cannot afford to buy. I noticed he has finally conquered the odor problem, but didn't ask him, yet, how he did it. I like to spread the E-Z Green before the citrus start to bloom and then again in the late summer. I cover it with a mulch or compost to avoid dissipation of nitrogen. Since no bulk order was organized this spring, perhaps friends can share a ton delivered to one of their homes. Lyle's phone number is 760 729-1788 FAX 760-729-4238


To keep my cherimoyas from rolling down the hill, I have been bagging them in the mesh containers for garlic and onions. I use a clothes pin to fasten the bag to the branch. Have been enjoying these fruits in a very delectable combination with kiwi and yogurt. Is anyone else experiencing their seemingly all ripening at once this year? For post-harvest quality of mangos, I would like to recommend the 'Thomson' as exceeding all
ohers. I did not lose any due to spoilage. On some varieties the slightest bruise causes rotting. The 'Thomson' also stores very well without any breakdown of flavor or firmness. It is a very reliable producer each year and
will even grow well near the coast.