By Eunice Messner


At least twice a year it is advisable to spread fertilizer on the soil around your fruit trees and then to cover it with a mulch or compost to keep the nitrogen from dissipating, to contain the initial odor, and to provide a food source for soil microorganisms. The suggested rate is one-half to one pound per square foot. I use about 1/3 of a bag of E-Z Green per mature tree at each fertilizing - early winter and summertime.

An organic composted manure like E-Z Green gives a slow release of nutrients. This can be further enhanced by applying humic acid. The combination of all these elements keeps the fertilizer at the root zone. You will not have leaching of nitrates into the water table, as with chemical applications. In addition to better water retention, you will also have more resistance to disease and better mineral absorption.

For optimum tree health, foliar spray your trees whenever there is new leaf growth. The basics of a foliar spray are fish emulsion and kelp. Other good additives are Epsom salts, a spreader/sticker, natural apple cider vinegar, humic acid, black strap molasses (or sugar). Combine at about one tablespoon per gallon of water. Very early morning or late in the day is the optimum time to spray.

E-Z Green Chicken Compost is also a nitrogen boost and activator for making your own compost. There is a place in Irvine that sells composted tree clippings if you donıt have the space for making compost. Huell Howser had a program on their recycling of wood products for mulch. The company is Terra Verde but I could not find their telephone number. Did anyone watch this program and write down the phone number? They call their composted material "Above Ground", so ask for that if you want genuine compost and not mulch.


If you want 40 bags or more (one ton) delivered direct to your home (at $3.20 per bag), then call Lyle Pohl at (760) 729-1788

For orders less than a ton the cost is $2.80 per 50# bag. Send your check, payable to OC CRFG, to Eunice Messner, 552 S. Circulo Lazo, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807. Phone: (714) 281-3903

Please include your phone number. Your last chance to order and pay will be at the Feb. meeting. Prepayment is required.

Pick up your order the weekend of February 27-29 at Betty Torreyıs, 5110 E. Glen Arran Lane, Orange. Phone her first at (714) 997-0979


I didnıt make it to the scion wood exchange so will bring cuttings of my hybrid Baldwin pear and Nettie' white sapote to the meeting. Nettie is a pear-shaped fruit of excellent quality. It fruits in December and another
smaller amount in late summer.