Now is the Time
by Eunice Messner

Does the size of the container really make a difference in growing from seed? I think it does. Other than the soil medium, the next optimal growing condition is oxygen. Cone containers supply that element and also encourage tap root growth. The 1" x 7" tube is ideal for small fruit seeds. Ninety eight of these tubes fit into a 12" x 24" tray. A great saving on space.. The roots quickly reach the side of the cone and breathe. I have been using cone containers for about 15 years. They are also used commercially.

At the next meeting I will bring samples of these and other cone containers of larger size. You can move up to the next size when transplanting or start larger seeds in them initially.

Progression of Transplanting


Acerola -----> One gallon
Carambola ------> One gallon
Cherimoya -------> Deep pot ----->Tree pot
Citrus ---------------> Deep pot------> Tree pot or Citrus pot
Jaboticaba --------> One gallon
Loquat -------------> One gallon
Moringa ------------> Deep Pot -----> Tree pot
Papaya -------------> Deep pot or Tree pot
Persimmon khaki ---->Deep Pot -> Tree pot
Pineapple guava ----->One gallon
Rose Apple ------------> One gallon

Surinam Cherry -----> One gallon


Macadamia -----> Tree Pot ---->Citrus pot
Malabar chestnut -----> 2 gallon pot

Avocado ------> Tree Pot ------> Citrus Pot
White Sapote ------> Tree Pot

Use for starting dormant cuttings of: Figs, Grapes, Pomegranates, Mulberries

We (Geri Cibellis) will also display an inexpensive propagating box designed to hold this one tray. (With plans available) A tray with cones sells for about $25 commercially (plus shipping). Through our group purchasing ability they will be about $16.

This will get you off to a great growing start for next year's Green Scene.

Even though there are a lot of citrus that will come true from seed (polyembryonic), it is not a recommended way to go. You will not have a proven disease resistant rootstock; it will be a standard sized tree and it will take many years longer to fruit. Of course you can grow your own rootstock if you really want to start from scratch and then graft on a compatible selection.

P.S. I didn't forget mangos. Will give you more details at another time.