Now is the Time....
by Eunice Messner


The Arizona chapter can be proud of hosting this event so successfully. The meeting place and food were most outstanding as was he keynote speaker. Sharlene Mauritz, spoke on growing mangos in the desert. Sharlene is the one, along with Mits Kawahara, who dug up all those ' Turpentine' mangos from Salton Sea
area. The university grounds were beautifully planted and each specimen had identification - thanks to the Arboretum located on campus. A Frank Lloyd Wright building was an added attraction. There were one hundred and thirty attendees and the chapter was delighted to net a profit of $1700. This was possible due to the Arboretum paying the costs of the meeting place. Santa Barbara will be the host next year. Plan now to treat yourself to this wonderful fellowship and learning opportunity.


I should have alerted you sooner to give all of your fruit trees a fall fertilization so they will be all fueled up for the next growing season. I've never had a problem with this stimulating the tropicals into growth during our winter. I'm using up the last of my EZ Green and when that is gone I hope to use the cricket or worm meal.
Steve Berger says "During the winter months, when there is less demand for the live crickets and meal worms, that we will be charged seventy-five cents a bag for their droppings. Cricket droppings have a lower pH than meal worms (8.3) but they are very stinky. He also said, unless he calls ahead they send all of these to San Diego County." I like how light weight it is and easy to spread.. I will still cover it with compost to keep the nutrients from dissipating into the air.

Gary Matsuoka of Laguna Hills Nursery has offered to take requests for specific Dave Wilson bare root fruit trees if you get your requests to him by November 16.

Phone 949-830-3653, address 25290 Jeronimo Road, Lake Forest, 92630.