"If it looks like cinnamon-laced coffeecake and it tastes like a cinnamon-laced coffeecake, then it must be the new CoffeeCake persimmon (Nishimura Wase) from the Dave Wilson Nursery. A bite into this flat-shaped fruit will surprise you with its cinnamon swirl. You can eat it as a crispy fruit, but if it is not cross-pollinated with Fuyu , then wait until the fruit is smooshy-soft or you will end up with a permanent pucker. This low-chill persimmon has a spicy complexity that, when cross-pollinated with the Fuyu persimmon, delivers the delicate sweet flavor of the Fuyu but ripens a full month earlier. Just add a cup of coffee."

This is a quote taken from the "Garden Compassē magazine ; Jan/Feb/03 issue. If at least ten people let me know they would like to have one, then perhaps
we can include it in the fruit trees for sale at the January scionwood exchange. If we don't hear from ten people, then give your name to Gary Matsuoka of Laguna Hills Nursery (949) 830-3653. If you do this before November, then he will special order any fruit tree from Wilson that is not on his order list.

I also found in my notes that there is a new self-fertile, ultra-dwarf Fuji apple tree that would be excellent in containers. It only grows to 5' or 6'tall and 5' wide. I'm not sure, but I think Armstrong Nurseries will be the one offering it.


I have had many calls asking if I knew of anyone who pruned fruit trees. At last I have an arborist who comes highly recommended by the guru arborist, Dr. Alden Kelley. He is Joaquin Arias, P.O. Box 1283, Tustin, CA 92781. PH: (714) 972-3020 or (949) 640-8733. In addition, he offers free firewood and, of course,
ornamental tree trimming as well.


If you bought one of the Moringa trees I sold at the last meeting, then be sure you put a protective plastic barrier around the tree. Not only for winter protection but also because critters think the leaves are delicious. Something ate mine right down to the ground. For those of you who missed out, I'll have more trees available at the Green Scene. Also for sale will be the nut bearing Pachira aquatica (Malabar Chestnut). It may be used as a house plant or for a very attractive tropical effect in your landscape. It is a small tree.

Did you remember to give your trees a second fertilization this fall? Roger Meyer has so many irons in the fire, is there anyone who would take-on ordering E Z Green Chicken Compost? I would be happy to give you all the necessary information. C'mon, it will make you feel good to help maintain the Orange County Chapter as the best of all.