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California Rare Fruit Growers is a membership of like-minded experimenters and enthusiasts dedicated to:

1. Conducting research on hardiness, propagation, and growing requirements of rare fruits under California conditions

2. Introducing and distributing new fruits potentially adaptable to California;

3. Selecting superior varieties of established fruits better suited to specific areas and growing conditions;

4. Exchanging seed, cuttings, scion wood, layers, etc., with each other primarily for home utilization and to fulfill the needs of the small farmer or urban hobby grower;

5. Publishing pertinent information regarding the above activities;

6. Adhering to Federal, State and County agricultural regulations.



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(Update September 24, 2019)

Rick's Recipes from the 2008 Festval of Fruit

Great Examples of Descriptions of Chapter CRFG Meetings & Local Activities


CRFG Plantings at Fullerton Arboretum

Internet Gardening Links



Link to UCR Avocado Information WEB Page

Stearns Avocado Article From the July/Aug. 2000 Fruit Gardener

Historical Avocado Varieties From the CAS Yearbook of 1946

Avocado Flowering Basics

Characteristics of Selected Avocado Varieties

Problem Diagnosis For Avocados

Avocado Fertilization

Water & Fertilizer Requirements of Avocados


Citrus Varieties for Orange County

Citrus Propagation Presentation by Mits Kawahara

Toots' Favorite Citrus


An Overview of Grafting

Grafting Basics (April 1990 CRFG Fruit Gardener article)

Links to Grafting & Budding Internet Sites, Book References

Air Layering Simplified


Growing Bananas (1995 CRFG Fruit Gardener Article)

Banana Varieties (1988 CRFG Journal article)

How to grow a Banana Tree (1986 CRFG article)

Banana Glossary


Describing Mango Varieties (1986 CRFG Journal article)

Mango Growing in California (1986 CRFG Journal article)

How to Sprout a Mango Seed

Horticulture References

Link to UC Orange County Master Gardeners' Web Page

Link to UC El Dorado Master Gardeners' Web Page

Link to Arizona's Master Gardener's Manual

Link to Julia F. Morton's "Fruits of Warm Climates"

Botanical Terms (1989 CRFG Yearbook article)

A Basic Course in Plant Pathology (Fruit Gardener 1990)

How to Diagnose Plant Health Deficiences (Fruit Gardener 1993)

Fruit Thinning (Fruit Gardener 1993)

Mycorrhizae (1985 CRFG Yearbook article)

Canopy Management of High Density Subtropical Fruit (Fruit Gardener 2002)

Fruit Tree & Vine Care Calender (Fruit Gardener Jan-Feb2001)

Link to Chill Hours from South Coast Field Station (Irvine)


Notes of a Myrtaceous Fruit Grower (Fruit Gardener 1990)

Coffee Article from the February 1994 "Fruit Gardener"

Learn About Figs and Where To Find Them

Link to Tom Cooper's WEB Page on Macadamia Articles

Passionfruit Article from the 1975 Fruit Gardener & Reprinted in the CRFG 1990 Journal

CRFG (1995)Article on Fruit, Nut, and Berry Varieties for So. Calif

Deciduous Fruit Trees for Orange County

Berries & Grapes for Orange County

Peach Leaf Curl

Fire Blight

About Root-Knot Nematodes

Plant Nutrition

Problems resulting from Plant Nutrient Deficienies

Granular Humic Acid

Liquid Humic Acid

Plant Nutrition -1 Basics

Plant Nutrition -2 Nitrogen

Plant Nutrition -3 Phosphorous

Plant Nutrition -4 Potassium

Plant Nutrition -5 Magnesium - Calcium - Sulfur

Plant Nutrition -6 Micro Metals

Plant Nutrition -7 Micro Nutrients non-Metals

"In the Fullerton Arboretum"

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"Recipes From Rick -- Using Your Fresh Fruit"

Sugarless Apple Sorbet    Vanilla Ice Cream    Fresh Tomato Soup   

Gelato     Sorbet     IceCream     Figs     LemonCurd     RaspberryTickle     Coconut Rice & Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish    

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